Sell More to 187 Million Buyers with the Global e-Commerce Jumpstart eBay Program

Singapore SMEs receive up to 80% of funding support
in collaboration with Enterprise Singapore

Get up to 80% of funding support in collaboration with Enterprise Singapore

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Global e-Commerce Jumpstart eBay Programme

6 months package



Save $8,800

SKU upload (up to 100 skus)

Creating optimized product titles with effective and efficient keywords in order to help customers know the product by its title



Personalised onboarding team to guide you through your eBay journey


Dedicated Virtual Key Account Manager

6 months


Monthly Performance Review Walkthrough

6 months



Setup promoted listings, Marketing Credits and Store listing Credits worth $1,000


Are you eligible?

Minimum of 30% local shareholding

You have been in operation for a minimum of 18 months and an annual revenue not exceeding $100 million, or group employment not exceeding 200 employees.

New to eBay

The Global e-Commerce Jumpstart eBay Program is developed
for sellers who are new to eBay. 


Other terms and conditions apply. Please note that all applications are subjected to a review and final approval process by Enterprise Singapore and requirements may change without notice. 

How Singapore Businesses can
Sell More on eBay Marketplace? 

Why should I
list on eBay? 

eBay has 187 million active buyers worldwide.

There are over 7,000 Singaporean sellers on eBay and 82% of them sell to customers outside of Singapore. 

Which eBay
Marketplace to list? 

The top 3 countries Singaporean sellers export to:

More than half of the exports are made to the USA with 1 item sold every 10 seconds.

High Growth
Export Categories 

The categories that have experienced solid year over year growth in sales from Singapore to the USA: 

What are customers
buying on eBay? 

The top categories include: 

Singapore SMEs can now join the
Global e-Commerce Jumpstart eBay Program

Program Benefits 

Content Creation and Store Setup

We will provide competitive analysis of your products to develop pricing and listing strategies to increase your sales.

List over 100 SKUs on eBay with pricing and product listing advise and support to launch your very own eBay marketplace store. 

Sell more with eBay Marketing Credits

Your program includes subscription credits for your eBay business account and marketing credits to promote your listings on eBay. 

Sales and customer support

Once your store is ready to sell, we will handle all sales and customer support for you with organised tools

Coaching and Training 

Dedicated key account manager (KAM) for 6 months. Your dedicated KAM will provide onboarding and incubation to the programme as well as study and do a  competitive analysis of your products pricing and content strategy. You will also receive exclusive access to training focusing on account optimisation and business expansion.

Higher Selling Limits

High fundamental selling limits to begin your selling journey on eBay. 

Fulfilment management 

We will coordinate all logistics arrangements for orders fulfilment so that you can focus on your business. 

Let us walk you through the grant application